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Marjolein in Guatemala
Trip or no trip?
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Tour o no tour?.....

Hola everyone!

Just a quick email to let you guys know that I am not able to email for the next five days. We are going to make a heavy trip through the jungle of Petén for FIVE days! Walking, climbing, walking, climbing etc..!!! We´ll see how we´ll do! This trip is the hardest one that Ecomaya offers. It will take us to an archeological site called el Mirador, all the way up in the north, near the mexican border.  Well, we´ll see!



.......but after 1 day........

Hey eveyone!

Yeah, you are probably thinking, do they have email there in the jungle?? But nope, we didn´t go on t his jungle trip! It is a strange story, but we can laugh about it now! The trip was through Ecomaya, and we were going to el Mirador, the largest Maya site in Guatemala, and it was a five day trip. The deal was that Sara and I could go for free if other tourists would go on the trip. We would only have to pay for the food. Well, last week there were two French tourists who wanted to take the trip.

We were leaving Friday early in the morning, so we were all ready at 6 in the morning sitting on the steps in front of the office of Ecomaya waiting for those French people. We were hoping for two young hanson French guys, but nope, it was the worst we could get! when they were coming towards us, we could already see they were not our types! Two ugly guys, around 40 years old, long hair, beards just weird! Well, they might be nice, at least, that´s what we thought!! But no, not even that! They arrived, threw their bags on the floor and started yelling at Gilbert, our driver,  for the fact that he didn´t pick them up at the airport. Gilbert didn´t know anything about that, it was just a miscommunication. But the guy wanted to call Alma immediatly for this incident, so Alma was called. Alma is one of my collegues at Ecomaya, and she´s a great girl, and apparently she had helped those two guys. After a while the guy asked us if we were going to El Mirador today. And when we said yes, he started to get mad again! He said he rather wanted to take the trip alone with his friend, and no other people. In other words, they didn´t want us to take the trip with them! Very strange! Alma was all upset on the phone, and she didn´t know what to do. We said to her that it was no problem for us, we could just go another time. So that´s what happened. Those two french guys went to El Mirador without us! We said to them: ´Muchas gracias, y feliz día!´  (thank you very much and have a nice day!).

Yeah, always friendly those French people! But that was our story about El Mirador! Not very spectaculair, but hopefully we get to go another time!

Love from a pretty hot 37 degrees Guatemala,