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Marjolein in Guatemala
My trip to Guatemala
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Mi viaje a Guatemala.....

We arrived wednesday the 8th of January really early in the morning in Guatemala City, the capital of Guatemala. Just before the landing, we flew right next to a huge active volcano! It was dark, but because it was active, we could see the orange lava coming out of the volcano. It was amazing!

The driver from our hotel came to pick us up at the airport. We stayed in a small guesthouse, DosLunas, close to the airport. The people there were very nice and friendly. If you read this Lorena, thanks for everything!

After trying to sleep a bit, we decided to take one of the so-called chicken busses to down town Guatemala City. It's a pretty chaotic city. The busses made horrible sounds, and it felt like they would fall apart any minute! Some people were pretty poor. We saw children bare-footed playing in the havy traffic. Pretty sad! We went to some underground market, which was amazing! It was pretty dirty, full of food, meat, vegetables, clothes, souvenirs, etc.

Back to hotel we decided to order some pizza. It was not very safe to walk around on the streets at night. We also kept hearing gunshots, pretty scary.

The next morning we took the bus to Flores, our destination for our internship! It was going to be a ten hour trip to the North of Guatemala. We were pretty surprised when we got into the bus. It was a luxurious touring bus, airconditioning, comfortable chairs, we even got a lunch box! Not too bad! And believe it or not, they even showed the newest Austin Powers movie, Goldmember!

But of course, too good to be true. After about 8 hours the bus stopped, and we continued with about 16 people in a small micro-bus. Now that was uncomfortable! Finally we arrived in a small town, Poptun, where we had to change micro-busses. Luggage on the roof, people in the bus, and we were back on the road again. Finally around 11 at night we arrived in Flores.

Unfortunately it was already dark, but that made Flores not less spactacular. It is a small, really small, island in the lake of Peten-Itza. There is only one small causeway that connects the island. The houses are small and colourful. There was even a festival going on, with fireworks! What a warm welcome!

So this is the island of Flores

Somebody picked us up from the busstation and brought us to a hotel. We went out for dinner, and the food was incredibly good! If I keep eating this food, I will only gain weight! :-)

The only bad part was that our hotel room had a balcony, but didnŽt have a door to the balcony. Result: a LOT of noise! We woke up at six because of some fireworks or what so ever, and there were tons of cars passing through the street! Incredible!

Some people look like western people, but there are also a lot of people with traditional clothes who carry cans and stuff on their heads! Funny to see!

Monday our Spanish classes start. Which is a good thing, because barely anyone speaks english here. Although I must say that with the Spanish we already have, we can make ourselves pretty well understandable. Anyways, I am not sure whether I will be able to email much when I am taking my classes, but weŽll see! Miss you guys!!