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A few Spanish Phrases, always nice to know.....

For people who are also planning a trip to Guatemala, or any other speaking Spanish country, here some Spanish phrases that are always nice to know!
Good luck!

English                                                 Spanish
Hello                                                      Hola
Goodbye                                                Adios
My name is...                                         Me llamo.....
Nice to meet you                                    Mucho Gusto
Where is the toilet?                                 Donde está el baño?
I want a beer                                          Quiero una cerveza
I love you                                               Te amo
Kisses and hugs                                      Besitos y abrazos
No thanks                                              No gracias
Thank you very much                             Muchas Gracias
See you later                                          Nos vemos
What time is it?                                       Que hora es?

Counting in Spanish

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